Restorative Touch®

Energy Work

"I conceptualized this unique model of energy work to support your healing at a deep level and to catalyze your journey to your highest potential. The incredible power in this model is realized when the Certified Restorative Touch® Practitioner connects you to universal energy. "

Daphne Michaels, Leading Expert in Human Potential

Embody Your Potential

Certified Restorative Touch® Practitioners work to restore your vitality and sense of harmony by aligning your energy field with your highest potential. Upon receiving Restorative Touch®, in addition to increased radiance, you will notice a deep sense of feeling at home with yourself.

Clarity, self-knowledge and a sense of how to proceed with creative projects or life’s challenges often results from just one Restorative Touch® session. Although Restorative Touch® is not a substitute for medical care, the reduction or resolution of physical, mental and/or emotional pain is common upon receiving Restorative Touch® energy work.

Restorative Touch® is safe and nurturing. It is often used to complement medical treatment. Through various Restorative® Touch methods, your Certified Restorative Touch® Practitioner will clear and balance your energy centers, calibrate your energy field and cultivate your vitality by enhancing your connection to the flow of universal energy.

Certified Restorative Touch® Practitioners have completed a minimum of four years of study in a state licensed program at the Daphne Micheals Institute. They are dedicated to their own personal health and vitality. You will benefit from your Certified Restorative Touch® Practitioner’s refined healing presence.

Certified Restorative Touch® Practitioners are professional, fully trained energy workers who have reached the highest level of proficiency in the emerging field of energy work.

Many Certified Restorative Touch® Practitioners work effectively online or by phone. For a list of practitioners please contact the Daphne Michaels Institute at 206-350-4919 or email us today.

Profound Success Mastermind Program

Designed and facilitated by Daphne Michaels, this comprehensive, energetically based human potential training program features LIVE Online Seminars and unrestricted access to a program HUB filled with powerful resources. Become a Charter Member today and receive a steeply discounted membership rate and additional free bonuses.


Restorative Touch® is a registered trademark owned by the Vibrational Health Institute. The Daphne Michaels Institute is a trade name owned by the Vibrational Health Institute.


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