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How do you define success?

In the more than 25 years I’ve spent as a human potential pioneer, I’ve had opportunity after amazing opportunity to work deeply with thousands of people, showing them how to create lives that reflect the deepest desires of their soul.

The direct truth about how to live an extraordinary life is this: Your success or failure has already been programmed into your subconscious ...

Through the Profound Success Mastermind Program you will have an opportunity to redefine who you are - from an elevated perspective -  and break free from the deep, hidden and sometimes baffling notions that keep you from creating a life of prosperity, happiness and creative flow. 

But this is just the beginning. You will learn how to do so much more. I'll teach you how to take command of your life in ways you've only dreamed so that you may achieve real, tangible and measurable results in creating the life you're ready to love.  

For some people, their focus is on greater abundance, others want deeper purpose, still others are focused on health and many, many people want more satisfying relationships.

In the Profound Success Mastermind Program you will naturally focus on what matters most to you. And yes, you can choose all of the above and more!

If you scroll through the testimonials you may wonder why this program makes such a dramatic impact on  members' lives ...

There are many elements that go into designing powerful transformational processes. To begin, real transformative opportunities are 
based on very deep knowledge of the human psyche ...

I'm confident that the Profound Success Mastermind Program will take you across the Bridge of Choice from your Limited Self to your Expanded Self, where your greatest visions are hiding even from you —  until the power, passion and purpose of your soul ignites them and transforms your life in exciting, elevated and extraordinary ways.

Imagine Your Life Without Limits

The Profound Success Mastermind Program includes:


Profound Success LIVE Online Seminars

  • Discover how to unlock your greatest potential by embodying your Expanded Self.
  • Begin your Energetics-of-Success practice to break free from your Limited Self.
  • Learn new methods to resolve any challenge.
  • Discover the Bridge of Choice and how to pursue the deepest desires of your soul.
  • Learn how to attain greater success than you've ever imagined.
  • Be a part of the Think Higher Community.

Real-time, Focused Coaching During the LIVE Seminar 

  • Receive personal, relevant coaching from Daphne Michaels, Leading Expert in Human Potential. 
  • Connect with the powerful wisdom, love and experience embodied in your Think Higher Community.
  • Accelerate your journey by getting answers to specific questions about your path ahead.
  • Receive personalized guidance on developing your daily practice

24/7 Access to the Profound Success HUB

  • Discover how to get the most out of your Profound Success Mastermind Program™.
  • Gain access to 4 Centers full of focused, in-depth activities to help you master key areas of personal transformation.
  • Download PDF materials for your Profound Success LIVE Seminar each month.
  • Receive replay links to your Profound Success LIVE Seminars.
  • Find Energetics-of-Success™ transformational tools.
  • Reference an evolving glossary of important new terms.

Receive Your Exclusive Profound Success Manual

  • Revolutionary note-taking system to keep your learning organized and accessible.
  • Unlimited page refills at no additional cost.
  • Calendar to personalize your program.
  • Diagrams to amplify your understanding of new concepts.
  • Journal to record your journey to profound success.

And Much More ..

Profound Success Mastermind Program™


Gold Exclusives

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In addition to everything included above, Gold Exclusives offer additional valuable benefits each month, including: 

  • A second HUB filled with Gold benefits.
  • Cycle of 4 elegantly designed Gold Lessons each month designed to amplify the embodiment of your Expanded Self.
  • LIVE Acceleration Call with Daphne Michaels each month featuring Energetics-of-Success™ methods to heal your blocks, raise your consciousness and keep you energized.
  • Recordings of past Acceleration Calls to utilize at any time.

Platinum Exclusives

Receive a special year-at-a-time opportunity for Advanced Training and Coaching each month:

  • Advanced, LIVE Online group Training and Coaching with Daphne Michaels each month highlighting Energetics-of-Success™ methods to catapult your life forward.
  • All the features and benefits from the Profound Success Mastermind Program and Gold Exclusives detailed above. 
  • Receive a specially designed Platinum Lesson each month along with your Platinum Exclusives Manual.
  • Get the Key Moments and Emerging Visions System for manifesting your deepest desires.

Free Bonuses when you enroll today ...

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Enroll Now to receive a time sensitive, steeply discounted membership rate and immediate access to valuable content:

  • Six powerful full-length Seminars, including: How to Let Go Of Your Past, The Energetics of Non-Attachment, Profound Success: A Journey of Becoming, How to Stop Personal Energy Leaks, Body-Mapping and more ...
  • Profound Presence Animated Video to show you how to elevate your consciousness beginning today.
  • Amazon #1 bestselling, Mountaintop Prosperity: Move Quickly to New Heights in Life, Work and Money, by Daphne Michaels.

Do you feel like some pieces to the puzzle of your personal success are missing?

If so, I’ve got exciting news for you: The Profound Success Mastermind Program will provide the training, tools and practices you need to discover and cross the Bridge of Choice and discover your Expanded Self.

As you do this, you will have access to the most powerful, unlimited source of energy you could ever imagine. The truth is, it's always been available to you, but without knowing where to find it in the depth of your being, you cannot embrace this birthright of unlimited potential.

Developing consistent and predicable access to universal and creative energy flow will allow you to draw from it each day to build the life of your dreams.  

The Profound Success Mastermind Program will show you how ...

Reason #1 to enroll today: Simply by making the decision to receive the kind of training and coaching you need to elevate your consciousness and life - and reach what I call the "profound success bandwidth"   - you will immediately activate a very powerful life-changing process in yourself.

Reason #2: Enroll today and receive valuable and life-changing bonuses that will give you an immediate head start on reaching the deepest desires of your soul even before the first LIVE Seminar with Daphne Michaels.

Here's just some of the benefits you'll receive from the Profound Success Mastermind Program:

  • Powerful training at the intersection of psychology, spirituality and the mystical aspects of quantum physics
  • Ongoing membership in a community of like-minded people so you will never feel alone again
  • Discover the Bridge of Choice
  • Develop Your 8 Success Cores 
  • Embrace a 21st Century Model of Success
  • Elevate Your Consciousness
  • Move Beyond Self-doubt
  • Discover a Map to Your Highest Potential
  • Practical Examples of Real Life Victory
  • This program is not based on an adrenaline high - it reveals the architecture of your personal energy system and gives you step by step training to achieve lasting transformations in your life so that you may:
    • Become completely Secure in Yourself
    • Access Your Creativity any time
    • Be more Empowered than ever before
    • Develop your Heart 
    • Build your Choice Muscle
    • Find Clarity in the midst of uncertainty
    • Elevate Your Thinking
    • Take Command of Your Life


I have been following Daphne Michaels for years. She is a Master teacher and the Profound Success Mastermind Program is one of her finest to date. Through it you can count on the highest level of transformational experiences on a regular and consistent basis. Together the components of this program form the basis of an extraordinary vehicle for your higher self to shine through and shape every part of your life."

Dana Reynolds

"It’s been just a few months since I have been learning from Daphne Michaels and I find myself so much stronger and deeply connected to myself. The change is so apparent and the transformation is spilling into every aspect of my life. Her programs are designed in such a way that you go deep into quietness and start unraveling your ultimate potential. You embrace life from abundance over scarcity and fear. A master trainer of Daphne’s caliber is hard to find. "

Alex Kumar

"Over the last 7 years, I have had the privilege and the honor of working with Daphne Michaels in both one to one and group settings. Transformational work, which Daphne is the Stradivarius of, requires an ecosystem of a pristine container, deep awareness and fearless trust. Daphne’s presence, skill and wisdom creates this ecosystem with impeccable precision. I 1000% recommend the opportunity to work with Daphne Michaels and become a part of her transformational community!"

Puneet Sachdev

My own journey started when I was young — just 19 years old.
I had a strange but enlightening experience one night when I got lost in the fog while driving. I ended up on a mountain road that ultimately took me above the fog to the most glorious connection with nature I’d ever experienced.

But before I found my way above that fog, I was in a panic. The idea flashed through my mind that getting lost was more than a nightmare experience in the "real world" -- it was also a metaphor for my inner world at the time. That night I saw, with shocking clarity, how two human worlds exist side by side both within us and around us: there is a world of despair and a world of possibility.
These two worlds could not be more different. Each of us must choose which world we will live in. And not just once. We need to choose over and over again.

I chose - and continue to choose everyday - the world of possibility.

Through overcoming my own challenges and through working closely with others for more than 25 years, I’ve learned that the world of possibility holds potent seeds for profound success in life.

In fact, learning to cultivate these seed through the embodiment of your Expanded Self and the unlimited energy that comes with it, is the only to attain the deepest desires of your soul. While each of us will define profound success in our own way - and our definition will change throughout our life - one thing will always be true. We cannot reach profound success without understanding how to get free from our Limited Self, cross the Bridge of Choice and embody our Expanded Self.

And I’m proud to say that, over the years as a human potential expert, I have mapped each step of the way you and I must take to discover the Bridge of Choice and begin an incredible journey. And I've identified the hazards we face if we don’t make this simple yet powerful, life-changing decision ...


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"Before joining the Profound Success Mastermind Program, I lacked clarity & had a lot of negative energy which affected my daily life. I had no idea how to make my life different. This program changed my life completely for the better. It is invaluable and teaches me powerful new perspectives and provides the necessary insights and tools for me to create a sustainable self and path forward. I wholeheartedly recommend Daphne Michaels and her work."

Prash Saha

"I came to the Daphne Michaels Institute after years of feeling unsatisfied in my personal and professional endeavors; managing an abundance of stress, and declining health. I wanted to improve these areas and be grounded and empowered in my life and my work.The hands-on guidance, content, and powerful tools that Daphne generously shares are life-altering! Working with Daphne, I have become a successful business owner and powerful leader. I’m confident speaking publicly, able to maintain a positive outlook, and have improved my personal relationships, health and well-being.Daphne has taught me to be the best version of myself. I recommend her programs and services to everyone."

Sydney Eggleston

"I offer this testimonial in the spirit of inclusivity. This program attracts wide diversity, experience and knowledge because it shows us how we are the same at a deep level. As a truth seeker who strives to feel fully human it supports me in living my highest potential which includes giving. I call it charity.  I see the Profound Success Mastermind Program as a movement to make the world a better place one human being at a time. For me it feels like a buoy, helping me stay afloat and navigate at a higher level no matter what’s happening in my daily life. "

Teresa Laico

“I really think [Daphne’s] work is important.”
Jack Canfield (interview)
#1 New York Times bestselling author
“Daphne Michaels will awaken you to your highest truth and joy.”
Janet Bray Attwood
New York Times bestselling co-author of The Passion Test
“Daphne Michaels reminds us we can create the life we desire.”
Patti Teel (from The Gifted book endorsement)
People Magazine’s “Dream Maker”
“I haven’t spoken with anyone as knowledgeable about states of consciousness before.”
Ram Dass (from 2005 radio interview)
Spiritual Teacher and Leader
“[Daphne Michaels] offers a brilliant weave of the practical and spiritual, showing you how to embrace both …”
Marci Shimoff (from Mountaintop Prosperity book endorsement)
#1 New York Times bestselling author
“I love the fact that Daphne is able to allow you to see not just what is possible for you, but leads you in the right direction to achieve your dreams.”
Cyrus Webb (from The Gifted book review)
Conversations Live! Host

"In over 25 years experience as a human potential pioneer, I am convinced that an energetic model for personal transformation is the absolute best way to achieve profound results."

Daphne Michaels, featured author at the International Book Expo in New York City for her book The Gifted and author of the bestselling Mountaintop Prosperity, brings decades of experience in helping people reach elevated consciousness in daily life through energetic insights, tools and practices. Her life-long journey to understand the height and depth of the human psyche has included formal education in behavioral science and integral
psychology, a personal unfolding of her spiritual life and a deep dive into the mystical dimensions of quantum physics.

Daphne’s long-term career has included rewarding work as a
licensed psychotherapist and executive consultant and founder
of the Daphne Michaels Institute (2001). Her life’s mission is to empower elevated consciousness in others through her live, virtual and online programs, books, and private client services.



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